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3-Pack includes 1 of each...Ghost Pepper, Mango Habanero & Pineapple

Ghost Pepper

Heat Level:  Extreme Heat!  

What's it for...Any type of food that you want to add Extreme Heat to!

How's it taste...Ghost Pepper "Death by Kraken" is no ordinary sauce.  At first, you get FULL flavor with a "Smokey" element upfront, followed by a slow rising burn that lingers in the back of the throat!  Can you handle the Kraken?!?

Mango Habanero

Heat Level:  Medium

What's it for...Eggs, Pizza, Oysters, Bloody Mary's and more!

How's it taste...Mango Habanero is the perfect table sauce.  With its perfect balance between "SWEET" and "HEAT" it complements a wide variety of foods.  

Pineapple Tequila

Heat Level:  Mild 

What's it for...Street Tacos, Al Pastor, Shrimp, Fish, Chicken.  

How's it taste...Mild in heat but fresh in flavor, it's uniqueness will keep you coming for more!